Turkish Veterinary Instruments Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish veterinary instruments, Turkey veterinary instruments manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality veterinary instruments from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

PLYCO INTERNATIONAL        Pakistan         
s surgical instruments, dental instruments, orthodontic instruments, eye instruments, manicure implements, pedicure implements, veterinary instruments, scissors
AIM SURGICAL DEVICES        Pakistan     Ali Ahmed    
s clamps, dental instruments, dent instruments, forceps, retractors, scalars, scissors, surgical instruments, veterinary instruments
FAIRGOZZI SURGICAL CO. LTD.        Pakistan     Mobeen Mughal    
s beauty care instruments, dental instruments, electrosurgical instruments, elevators, forceps, hand tool, opthalmic instruments, orthodontic instruments, orthopaedic instruments, pliers, pushers, retractors, scalers, scissors, single use instruments, surgical instruments, tc instruments, tweezers, veterinary instruments
NATAMED INSTRUMENTS        Pakistan     Ata ul Majeed    
s surgical instruments, dental instruments, ent instruments, veterinary instruments, gynecology instruments, diagnostic instruments, single use instruments, laryngoscopes, otoscopes, sterilizing instruments
ARAAZ ORTHODONTIC SPECIALIST        Pakistan     Aamir Shahzad    
s dental instruments, surgical instruments, veterinary instruments
H.M GROUP GLOBAL        Pakistan     Hammad Mirza    
s surgical instrument, surgical instruments, dental instrument, dental instruments, veterinary instrument, veterinary instruments
DODHY INSTRUMENTS CO. LTD.        Pakistan     Rashid Dodhy    
s surgical instruments, dental instruments, surgical scissors, scalpels, dressing forceps, tissue forceps, gynecology instruments, chiropody instruments, veterinary instruments